Latest Updates – May 2022

As we prepare to return to in-person programming this summer, Camp Awesome is following closely the latest guidance from Ottawa Public Health. The Province has announced the next steps to ease public health measures.

  • These next steps indicate that masking, physical distancing, cohorts and daily on-site confirmation of screening will no longer be required in day camps.
  • Although these measures may no longer be required, we encourage parents, guardians, campers and staff to continue with the layers of protection that make them feel at ease and which can continue to decrease COVID-19 transmission.
  • It is important to show respect for others and their individual choices, based on their own assessment of their risk – or the risk to a loved one. 

The Covid-19 virus is still present in our communities and as we look to the summer we ask that all campers, parents, guardians and staff do the following before arriving at camp:

  • Complete the Covid-19 screening each day. Parents and guardians can use the Covid-19 school and child care screening tool to complete the screening.
  • If a camper or staff displays symptoms of Covid-19 prior to attending camp, they are encouraged to seek testing, a PCR or rapid antigen test (RAT).
  • If testing is not available, it should be assumed that the presence of one or more symptoms constitutes Covid-19, and the individual must begin self-isolation. 
  • Do not send your child to camp if they are ill, even if they do not have COVID-19.

While at camp during the day, Camp Awesome will do the following to help prevent the possible spread of Covid-19:

  • Where possible the Camp Awesome program will take place outdoors. 
  • Large group activities will consider the distance of campers and make adjustments when possible. 
  • Campers and staff will be reminded of proper hand hygiene and to wash their hands frequently.
  • When eating lunch or snacks campers and staff with eat with their own group and maintain physical distance from each other.
  • Washrooms and high-touch surfaces and objects will be sanitized throughout the day.
  • Campers are to avoid sharing personal objects. 
  • Masking will be encouraged in certain settings especially indoors when physical distancing may not be possible.
  • Please note that if a church that is hosting the Camp Awesome program requires masks to be worn when inside the building, we will follow that requirement. 
  • Campers or staff who may become ill while at camp will be separated from the program and sent home to receive testing. 

We will continue to work with Ottawa Public Health (OPH) and these measures may change, or further measures may be taken throughout the summer, in response to OPH and Ministry of Health guidance. The primary goal is to make camp as safe as possible. Parents, guardians, OPH and camp each have a role to play in keeping children as safe as possible.

For more information about Ottawa Public Health orders and guidance for summer camps, visit: Supporting Camps during Covid-19

If you have any questions or need clarification on Camp Awesome’s approach to Covid-19, please contact the Camp Director.